Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it!

Hey yaaaa
Where my English readers at?!! Just kidding …….. where ALL my readers at?! This time I thought: ‘let’s do it a lil bit different’. Let’s try it in English and this time it’s all about talent.

First I’ll tell you a lil bit about myself. Me, myself and I like, I mean, loveeeee dancing and I like singing.. …or maybe I love that too. A lil bit of both I guess. The harmony that comes together both in singing and in dancing that’s what I love the most. The way you can even create a beat in the music with your body, a beat you only hear when you move. Does that make any sense?!. It sounds crazy right..? But the first time I made a choreo like that, mannnn I tell you the goosebumps you get when you feel it… It’s amazing. That’s why I can say I love the harmony in dancing, body and music coming together.

The harmony in singing that’s another story. I remember the time I used to sing with my lil sister, two different sounds in one.. The harmony that came together wauw.. Thats what I love about singing. Different sounds, different voices all together in one…

You guys are wondering why I decided to write about talent this time huh?! Well the thing is…. I’ve been busy with a lot of (different stuff) and did not even think about singing or dancing at all the last couple of years. But the couple of past weeks I bumped into people I haven’t seen in a long time and you know what they all had in common?! The question: ‘why aren’t you dancing anymore’? My my answer was: ‘No time’! It just does not fit into my schedule.

But because this question popped up a couple of times it made me think: ‘How is it that we are blessed with talents (some with more than one) and we just don’t do anything with it. We are just living our lives doing whats “supposed” to be right’. I personally believe every talent is for a purpose, but we need to develop it, invest in it and do something with it. It does not have to be a humongous gesture but even a lil step can make a diffrence and every step is unique. We sometimes have the tendency to forget about the things that matter. Everything that makes you, you….is your talent. From the way you connect with people to the way you draw art, it can be ANYTHING the sky isn’t even a limit because there is no limit.
 This week, this has been on my mind a lot and I wanted to share it with y’all. God did not give us a talent just to sit on it .. Use it! Every lil step counts and every development matters. So don’t give up, don’t compare yourself with others and don’t lose hope. Pick it up and keep on walking.. Be your unique self! That’s all that matters!
Note to self: don’t sit on your talents use them!
Hope you guys liked this one…

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